26 July, 2018
The chicken and the egg
28 June, 2018

Why do our tomatoes taste so good?

Have you wondered why the tomatoes that you find in so many places with an impeccable red appearance are so tasteless? The culprit is a production system that promotes the harvest when tomatoes are still green so they'll matured during transport between the place of harvest and the point of sale. But when they ripe outside the plant, the natural process in which starch is transformed into sugars is interrupted. Tomatoes take the color red but not the sweet taste characteristic of a natural ripening process.

To ripen well, tomatoes need a temperature between 20 ° and 35 °C and many hours of light. If spring is hot the season advances, or it delays if we have a rainy and colder spring. The plants are loaded with fruits and we wait for them to adquire a red tone before we pick them. Thus they obtain a rotund flavor, an exquisite mixture between sweet and sour. "They taste like tomatoes used to do!", our customers tell us.

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