Behind Sències, there is a family of three generations who loves the land. That is why we keep the legacy of our “masies”, as the traditional farms are called in Catalonia. We continue the ancestral tradition of guarding the landscape and taking care of the land with respect. We open the doors to our farms because we want to share the inspiration that we find in Nature. To share the rituals and seasons of farming. To share the abundane of an ecosystem where forest, animals, field, orchard and people coexist in a healthy balance.

We call it “cultura de terra”: where farming and culture meet to raise an Earth Consciousness.


The first stone of the “masia” dates back to the 11th Century and its name and ownership changed throughout history. The Girona family finally acquired the farm in the 16th century, giving it its actual name. The property is as close as a farm gets to the Mediterranean Sea and 5 minutes away from Sitges’center. Its extension used to be measured in 65 “jornales” the amount of days needed to work the vineyards, cereal fields, and olive and carob trees in the property.

With the export boom of wine to the American colonies started in the 18th century, the vineyards increased and the cellars got filled with barrels and vats. When the Vilaclara family bought Can Girona in 1960, wine was still being made in the traditional way of grape stomping, crushing the grapes by foot in the vats to release their juices.

We have maintained the beauty of the house and its gardens. Our aim is to use traditional and local knowledge with a conscious and respectful approach to farming to achieve a way of harvesting that is both beneficial for the crops and also for the environment.


In every leaf, in every fruit and in every tree trunk, there is a world awaiting to be discovered. Our daily task is to merge and blend into this world with respect and admiration. The greatest gift of all is the one to observe, enjoy and get to know it better. Nature is our source of life and inspiration.

Sències is a project of life in harmony with nature. We understand nature as our origin and home, and farming our land means respecting its rhythms and mysteries. We keep a farm shop open so that we can offer you the freshest product straight from the orchard to your home. We organize workshops and visits to the farm so you can experience the land as a source of sustenance and inspiration. What motivates us is the romantic idea of ​​union between land, plants and people. We believe this makes our world a happier, healthier and more balanced place.

If you like the idea, come with us and experience a trip of wellness, discovering the beauty of nature. Surprise yourself with the miracles that countryside bestows on a daily basis. Finally, this is your own trip and you can share it with those around you: your friends, your family, your community. Our commitment is to offer organic and natural products, as well as experiences that reconnect us with the Earth.

Who we are

Jose Durán Zamora

Head of the farm and orchard

Mari Carmen Sojo Diez

Farm shop

Mireia Hernàndez Martí

Strategy and Logistics

Agnes Zander Vilaclara

Head of Sències