30 April, 2018
Sautéed fava beans with snap peas and tupinambo purée
27 March, 2018
Basil and arugula pesto
3 May, 2018

Why we love bats

Do you recognize two wooden boxes in the photo of Can Girona’s facade? They are two bat shelters that Jose has built and hung up this week. At the beginning of spring, the bats come out of hibernation. Then the females look for places to build a warm nest where they can give birth and raise their babies. Only one or two babies are born per mother, since they have to fly with them hanging from their bodies during the first days of life. The spot we chose allows them to reach the nest without obstacles and faces east for the sun to warm them in the early morning hours, but avoid them to heat up during summer. Bats are a protected species in Europe, Spain and Catalonia. They are a big help for farmers, since they feed on flying insects, which helps control pests that threaten orchards. They are necessary for the balance of the ecosystem. That is why we have given them their space in our house. Let's hope they feel at home!

We thank Jordi Torrallas and @naturaurbana for the photo of the bat and its dedication to study this species.

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